Sunday, January 24, 2016

Playground is finally open!

The playground by our apartment complex is finally open.  Although, Bobby noticed a sign that says "For Villa Residents Only".  Well, there 's hardly anyone living in the villas yet, so I suppose it's still ok... for now!

But first, a trip to the supermarket to get our breakfast/snacks.  The boys love hiding by the elevators:
The boys aren't quite tall enough yet for the sensor to let them into the plaza where the supermarket is:
Always eager to pick something out!
Here's the new playground. It's nice although the height for the swings are pretty high. Even I have a tough time getting on it!
Nonetheless, the boys still have a good time:
And they do love the see-saw.  Thankfully Graham has been very good about letting Charlie off first and not just dropping him to the ground!
There's no shade at this playground. Hopefully one will get put up before it starts to get warm! In the meantime, Bobby and I just hang out by this water fountain that's work in progress, but shaded at least :-)

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