Saturday, January 16, 2016

Back at soccer!

Or should I say football!  It's still tough for me to refer to it as "football" since football to me is still American football. Oh well!

New shin guards for Graham this time.  Yes, bright pink!  Those were the only ones that had at the store. And oh, we did find out later that they go inside the sock. Amateurs... Ha ha!
The boys, especially Charlie, was so excited all week about getting back into soccer.  Warming up before the session!
Daddy and his boys:
Here's Charlie - sitting on the ball and waiting patiently for his new coach to call out his name:
And they're off!
A little distracted with the planes flying overhead but the boys didn't seem to take too much notice:
And if you didn't notice yet, there's also the roller coaster ride close by.  The fastest in the world no less. A 1 minute 32 sec ride that reaches up to 240km/hr or almost 150mph!
Well, looks like the boys are naturals at soccer, according to one of their coaches.  I wonder where they get that talent from???!  Charlie impressed his coaches with his super kicks!  And probably also impressed his coaches with his hugs. He's such a hugger!
I was just happy that Charlie wasn't hugging my leg like he did last year!  As for Graham, he REALLY impressed his coach.  He got a medal for listening and playing hard right off the bat!  Hopefully that won't mean he will start fooling around the rest of the sessions.  

Happy Graham!

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