Thursday, January 14, 2016

Graham's school work

We are back in school this week!  I am having a really tough week as I'm not enjoying the 6:30am wake-up calls.  Thankfully Bob has not complained about the snooze button - at least not yet!

For the first day back at school, Graham had to share about his vacation time.  So he drew the Deustches Museum with the clocks.  And he's trying to write "I saw a museum and I saw Da Vinci's machines."  I think he has Italy and Germany mixed up!  We still have to work on his hand-writing and finger/word spacing but definitely an 'A' for effort ;-)
The clocks were actually on a different building from the main entrance, but I think he nailed that pretty well in his picture!
And here's another picture of us on the mountain in Innsbruck, Austria.  After looking at the picture more carefully, I realized that he had himself at the very top, followed by the snowman, then Daddy, Charlie, and finally me.  Why am I last??!?
And the little green boxes are the cable cars.  I think he's spelling it as "caboncorss".  And for some reason he's been doubling up the S's at the end of his words.

By the way, speaking of the trip, I finally bought a little German trinket. When I was in Germany years ago (like 20 years ago!), they had these whatchamacallit made out of wood.  Sorry, I really don't know the name of it! Anyhow, you would light a candle or two (or more for the bigger ones) and the heat would turn the little fan on the top, which in turn, turns the little pieces on the bottom.  It's a very Christmas thing to get.  And 20 years later, who knew I would actually have to share one of these trinkets with my kids!
The boys were fascinated by it and we had to just help it turn a little as I think the tea-light is not producing as much heat as a regular candle would.  Only a matter of time before we get a cuckoo-clock! And we know how much Bobby looooooves those clocks :-)  (NOT!)

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