Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fun at a birthday party

This past Friday, one of our little friends turned 6 and they hosted a birthday party at an art studio.  What a great idea!  The boys had so much fun.  They started out with decoupage.  Graham's is red as that is his favorite color and with Charlie, blue of course!  Technically, they weren't suppose to paint over the dinosaurs but what does that matter when it comes to these boys. Ha ha!
After that, the kids moved on to painting on canvas.  It was so neat to see how different kids interpreted the same model-painting! As you can tell, the theme of the birthday party was dinosaurs.  ROAR!!!  Guess who painted which one?
I suppose you can already tell that Graham painted the one to the right as it already has his name on it! He actually did all of that by himself, including drawing the dinosaurs, the mountains, the trees, and the clouds.  I'm impressed!  And Charlie had a little bit of help with the drawing and painting.  Funny how he wanted red mountains, a night sky, and sand vs. brown mountains and green grass like the model-painting.  Interesting, I thought!  And Charlie didn't want his name on the painting, so we put it on the bottom side of the canvas.  

Love these paintings!  Thank you Omar for a great birthday party!

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