Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another medal at soccer

Graham got his medal for soccer on the very first week so Charlie was obviously determined to show his coaches what he was made out of this week.  And he proved it!  He had the biggest smile ever when he got up to receive his medal:

Happy Charlie!
It starts to get dark on our way to dinner after soccer and I thought this was a good photo to share - a typical sight here in and around Abu Dhabi.  I'm always amazed at how many cranes they need at one job site!
Unfortunately, we got our first parking ticket when we parked along a street by one of the hotels where we decided to have dinner.  How could it be wrong if everyone else was doing it! Ha ha! Well, if anything else, we did enjoy our dinner and the boys definitely loved their Belgian waffle with strawberries and ice-cream for dessert! It's too bad we couldn't get a company discount with the Dhs200 (approx.USD$50) ticket like we did with our dinner bill.  Lesson learnt!

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