Monday, January 11, 2016

Munich - Part 3 / Final Day

Our last day in Munich and finally, it's a nice clear day!
Off to the tram!  Charlie has been wanting to get on one of these since the day we arrived:
He was so excited and somehow, so quiet and just soaking it in while sitting in the tram:
Here we are... the Deutsches Museum.  Don't let this facade fool you. This place is huge!
We are wowed by all the big structures right off the bat:
And that's just the beginning!  They fit a whole sailboat in the building and even a submarine!
And there's a whole section dedicated to the kids. Water play!
There's a play firetruck and of course, a fire pole:
Pulley section:
Oops! I'm not sure if Graham realized that he was suppose to lower Charlie sloooowly...
Nonetheless, onward to the music room!
Ahhh... how I wish the boys will play a duet for me one day!
Snack time!
And there was a whole section on hands-on experiments.  Too bad all of it was in German. Would have been nice to know what some of these things did:
That's us! :-)
Time to eat again!  We probably spent over 5 hours in the Museum so this was actually a really late lunch:
I think Charlie ate a blue smurf:
There were a total of 6 floors at the Museum and we probably only covered half.  Well, a really tiring day for you know who! I don't know how Charlie managed to hang on to his seat on the tram and fall asleep at the same time. Ha ha!
Still out!
We stopped at a different tram stop towards town and found a small ice rink.  Perhaps next time, Graham!
Shopping area!
Nope, no shopping for Mommy. We just took a nice walk to our familiar subway train stop and went back to the hotel.  Oh, by the way, the coolest clock ever in the hotel lobby!
And oh, we did buy some strawberries from a fruit stall by the train station.  Charlie had the biggest one ever! And soooo YUMMY! Graham couldn't stop saying "mmmm..." while he was eating them.  And the strawberries were so cheap too compared to Abu Dhabi.
Well, that's that for our trip to Munich.  What a fun time!  A few last souvenir photos:
Brrrr....!!! -2C or 28F and foggy again!
Batman??? Yes, the cabin manager painted their faces.
Charlie was obviously too tired after running up and down near the kitchen area in the airplane :-)
Happy New Year everyone!

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