Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas from the desert!

I'm glad Santa had a little helper because "he" was fast asleep when the lights turned off last night!

Happy kids! The boys have gotten into Star Wars, so "Santa" knew that Lego Star Wars would be a hit!
The magic light was actually for Bobby.  Charlie was quite mesmerized!
Graham figured it out pretty quickly and mastered the magic trick almost immediately!
Here's the view from our balcony:
Ok, time for breakfast.  I don't think I've ever seen an entire thing of honeycomb before at the breakfast buffet!  Although, lesson learned - do not put it into your coffee.  The honeycomb does not dissolve!
Charlie just loves peeling eggs.  If only, he would eat the egg after!
Later in the afternoon, we are patiently waiting for Santa:
But first, some Christmas carols:
No way! Santa on a camel!!!
Photo op with the man in the red suit!
The dinner buffet was a little pricey for Christmas, so we opted to stay in the room for dinner.  We didn't get the caviar! Approx. USD435 for less than 3 1/2 tbspfuls!
The boys watched their new DVD while we waited for dinner to arrive:
Graham had spaghetti...
And Charlie picked out from the selection of Arabic (hot and cold mezzeh) to Indian (butter chicken) to Italian (spaghetti)!
I think the boys loved the dessert the best.  They were able to decorate their own cupcake!
A lot of toppings for a little cupcake!  The chopsticks were a little tricky:
Ta da!
Merry Christmas from the Pridgens!
Qasr Al Sarab is definitely a must-visit again!

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