Monday, December 7, 2015

Vacationing in Ras Al Khaimah

Last week we took the opportunity to join two other families on a trip to Ras Al Khaimah during the UAE National Day holiday break.  Everyone settled in pretty quickly with the resort lifestyle.  The boys found the play area by the Kids' Club while waiting for our room to be ready:
Check out this awesome pool!  And this was the smaller one!
But once we got to our room... the view of CONSTRUCTION!
And did I mention about the noise too??!
Not like that mattered to the boys.  It's Jump-on-Daddy time!!!
Once that was over, it was time to hit the pool.  Graham is doing so well with swimming now. So glad for the lessons he has been getting at school!
The next morning, it was time to hit the beach.  But first, Graham wanted to try out the hammock.  He sure knows how to get comfy around here:
Charlie still needs to work on it.  Might have been easier if he wasn't holding onto his apple:
Ok, time to start digging!
And the boys found these little kermit crabs in the water/sand.  They were so excited (Graham and Charlie, that is!):
Sorry for the poor quality photo.  I could only get so close to the crab before dunking my camera in water.  Anyhow,... back to digging!
In the afternoon, the adults got to sneak away for some golf while the boys napped and played in the Kids' Club (thanks also to one of the family's nanny for helping out!).  This particular golf course was really close to the main road. At one point, we had to drive through the underpass with all those cars above us - very strange! There are mountains in the backdrop but with the haze, you can barely see it.  What a shame!
A more calming view - with a mosque and the National flag flying in the distance:
This has to be funniest sign I have ever seen on a golf course!
By the way, Mommies vs. Daddies on stableford points - Mommies win! :-)

When we go pick up the boys, Graham grew a moustache!
Charlie wanted his face painted (he is going through a Captain America phase right now) so he was quite disappointed to only get a little basketball on his hand.  Here he is complaining to me. Too funny!
Well, we thanked everyone and headed over to the dinner buffet and wow, was it packed!  The resort was definitely packing everyone in during this holiday weekend.

It was cute to see when we got back into the room how the boys' Bunny bears were laid out on the bed.  Yes, they almost always come on our trips :-)
Okay, next morning - back to the beach.  Where else?!?  But no crabs this time. How strange!
Charlie was so proud of his sand castles:
Unfortunately, we had to check out by noon but once Mommy got through her dizzy spell (still can't figure out what happened??!), I managed to get the room checked out and the boys were able to extend their play time a little bit more on the beach.  And once we were ready to leave, we drove across the street to see some sand castles.  Pretty neat!
Can't believe it's all sand!
And then, of course we HAD to check out the playground next door:
"Whhheeee....!!! This is fun!" as Graham would always say:
It's always so tough to get them back into the car but somehow we managed. Graham is still so proud of his missing teeth!  He loves trying to stick his tongue through the opening too. Ha ha!
On our way out of Ras Al Khaimah, we saw a lot of cars and campers along a stretch of sand.  I'm not sure if I could sleep out in the desert in a tent.  If we did decide on camping, I would probably lay a mattress in the back of the minivan!
An abandoned airplane on the side of the road, used for advertising a hotel. What a random sighting!
As we pass Sharjah and enter into Dubai, it's pretty neat to see the boats - both old and new in the water, with the tall building in the backdrop.  And palm trees... the love their palm trees here!
And then, you have the tallest building in the world out in the distance - the Burj Khalifa.  It really does tower over everything else!
Ahhh... a successful trip as usual when someone falls asleep in the car!
Actually all 3 of us were fast asleep on the way home from Dubai onwards. Poor Bobby had quite a quiet drive. Just glad he got us all home safely :-)

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