Saturday, December 19, 2015

Air Championship show

We took a quick trip to Al Ain - a city about 1 hr 15 min away by car..  We were in awe right away with the air show.  Such awesome stunts in the sky!
But first, lunch!  We parked ourselves under a big tent with the back of the grandstand to us.  They could have moved the stage a little more to the left or right so we could actually see the big TV screen. Oh well...
No matter - the boys got comfy quick!
Even here in the UAE we are able to find corn dogs!
Bobby and I opted for a burger and this is what Bob's name ended up being on the ticket for pick-up. Ha ha!  It's tough sometimes in a country when English is not the mother-tongue for some.
You can't really see them but these Breitling planes had women strapped onto the top part of the plane!  And at the end of their show, they unstrapped themselves from their stand and climbed into the front seat of the plane. Crazy!
There were some other planes and choppers on-site for viewing.  Chinook!  We have these flying by our apartment all the time. They are a lot bigger than I expected!
We got to step into the Chinook as well. Too cool!
And fighter jets on display as well.  There was a flying display later on during the day with these too. It was so loud!
Yes, Mommy came prepared with ear muffs :-)
Too cool!  Here are the Saudi Hawks on display:
The boys trying to get a better look.  Oh... there were some racing cars drifting earlier before the jets. Now, those were super loud up close!
Awww.... a heart formation for all the women out here at the airshow. And they even made the arrow across it:
The Saudi Hawks even used UAE colors in honor of the country:
Here's a quick video of one of their fly-bys:
What a display!
Okay, onward to some other things around the air show... like the kids zone. Legos!
I decided to try out the climbing wall.  Only got about 3/4 ways up as I was afraid of falling. Wimp!
The fighter jet showed up not long after that. Talk about loud!!!  It's too bad I didn't have any videos of that.  Again, so glad I brought the ear muffs along.  I actually bought those a while ago for the weekly fire-drills at our apartment:
There was a little section for go-carts.  Graham really wanted to get in one!
Perhaps when his shoulder gets better - although amazingly after only 8 days and he can already lift his arm all the way up now!
Here's one of the other airplanes on show today:
As well as the glider up close.  I'm always amazed at how these pilots get in these little air-crafts:
As we're walking back to the car, the national Al Fursan aerobatic team puts on a display:
Charlie took this photo below. Not bad!
Another heart.  Awww....
So glad we made it out yesterday to Al Ain.  We can check another item off our list! 

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