Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Off to the desert to find Santa

This year, Bobby decided to book us into a resort to celebrate Christmas.  Here we go - to Qasr Al Sarab!  Thankfully the signs were obvious.  I believe there is only one road that leads to it!
Lots of high wires. Guess we don't have to worry about not getting any electricity there!
Starting out, the sand dunes were small:
Then, the dunes got larger:
Surprisingly, there were lots of tress in certain sections. I think there were some sort of forestry agency here, although not quite like what a forest would look like back in Malaysia or the US!
And... as we approach the resort, the view starts to change. So scenic!
Here we are... a resort literally in the middle of the desert.  It probably took us a good 5-10 minutes to drive in from the entrance off the freeway.
Right off the bat, I am in love with all their lighting fixtures!  I suppose that is a blog posting for another day :-)
Again, the views here are just spectacular.  I can't get over how amazing these sand dunes are!
Some dates and a yogurt drink while we wait for our room.  Funny but only after eating the date, the yogurt drink tasted a lot better!  Maybe that's what you're actually suppose to do:
Big gingerbread house on display!
And a really big bath tub in our room!  All 4 of us actually fit into this tub!  It was about 6ft across!
A spectacular view of the pool with the desert backdrop.  I still can't get over this place!
After the swim, we went to hike the desert dunes to catch the sunset.  Graham took off like a camel! He is that little speck to the right on the horizon, while Bobby is trying to catch up below:
And Charlie and I were lagging behind some more.  Parts of these slopes were a little steep for Charlie.  And it doesn't help when your entire foot sinks into the soft sand as you climb!

Once the hiking was done, it was time to get dressed for Christmas eve dinner.  We all cleaned up pretty nicely, I would say :-)  The boys said my dress looked like a peacock. It actually kinda does!
Graham and Charlie's first experience with a Christmas cracker!
Halfway through dinner... Man down, man down!
Yeah... we lost Charlie. Poor fella was so tired!
Poor kid had such a bad cough too.  But then... he's back! Charlie loves his pretzels!
Phew! A successful dinner!  Ok, time to wait for "Santa" to come tonight!

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