Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Trip to the zoo

We finally made it out to the local zoo for the first time after being here for almost 1 1/2 years!  The Emirates Park Zoo is only about 30 minutes away from us.  As usual, we start out with a nap in the car:
Graham was pretending to sleep.  He's so cheeky!
It's a good thing we still have the stroller handy.  First impression of the zoo was good!
Photo op!  Too bad the elephant exhibit was under construction though.  In this same area, there was a kids' driving school. It's a good thing the boys didn't see that!
You could really see the animals up close:
I couldn't really tell if these were entrances to actual chalets for people or for the animals, as there is a hotel resort connected to zoo.  The doors were pretty cool looking though:
There was a white tiger prancing by the window.  Funny but Charlie was really afraid to even get close to the glass and Graham needed some encouragement as well:
I'm not sure why but there were several of these cages by the side along the corridor where we were walking.  And almost all of these cages were filled with pigeons. Just a little stinky!
Of course, nothing is complete without camel sighting:  (P/S: Quick note to Grandma Barbara - you might want to quickly skip over the next photo!)
There were also some cool snakes - like this albino phython:
This was quite a central location where the giraffes were.  And actually, some of the rooms from the resort hotel open up to this location:
For some reason, Graham thought this area was a little stinky. Of course, Charlie followed along too!
Shhh.... bear is sleeping... as Charlie is trying to say:
There were lots of goats, lambs, cows, chicken,... that were really up close.  You could buy a bundle of grass and feed them:
Well, when I decided to finally go get some grass for the boys, it was all gone! So the boys just picked up some left-over grass that was on the ground that the animals had missed:
The poor animals really had to stick their heads out of the openings to get the grass, as the boys were a bit timid on getting too close to those mouths!  Okay, I admit - I was too :-)
The boys definitely had fun at the zoo so I'm guessing we'll be back there again!

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