Saturday, December 5, 2015

Converting to a Balance Bike

We took off the training wheels on Graham's little bicycle but he seemed really uninterested in learning how to ride it, so we decided to convert it into a Balance Bike - i.e. no pedals.  One of his playdate/friends has a Balance Bike and Graham seems to enjoy doing that in their home.

It took me a couple of tries to figure it out but thank goodness for the internet!  I did have to borrow a wrench from a friend:
I couldn't quite figure out how to take the chain apart but managed to tuck it along the frame of the bike:
I did have to tape the chain to the frame later so it wouldn't keep falling.

Tada!  Hopefully he'll try and ride it more now.  A Balance Bike is supposedly the best way for a kid to learn how to ride a bicycle.  We'll see!  It was definitely cheaper to convert this one than to buy an actual Balance Bike!
We did take it out to the park today and Graham only rode on it for a few minutes.  He still needs to build some confidence but at least he's willing to get on it again.  Will keep you all posted on how he does!

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