Friday, December 11, 2015

Graham's broken collar bone

So it begins!  Hopefully this won't be one of too many!!!  And there it is... a broken collar bone on X-Ray taken yesterday Dec 10th:
Graham said that he was running fast like Flash and another kid bumped into him (I'm guessing it's probably the other way round!)... and then he FLEW backwards... and landed on his shoulder.  Well, that shoulder is going to be slinged up for the next few weeks.  According to the doctor, it should be better in 2-3 weeks with the sling and hopefully in 2-3 months as good as new!
At the end of the appointment, I asked Graham if he had any question for the doctor.  He said yes and asked "Do you have any lollies?"  Ha ha! Typical 5-year old!
Graham was being quite the trooper at the ER.  It was his first experience with the X-ray machine and he did very well.  Charlie was also so fascinated by the machine that he wanted his X-ray pictures to be taken too!
While waiting to see the orthopedics, we were able to get out and grab some dinner.  The restaurant in the bowling alley was the closest to the hospital so we opted for that.  Funny enough the World Women's Bowling Championship was going on at that time so we got to watch some bowling from the restaurant's balcony.  I saw that Malaysia had a team and actually the Americans were leading that night!
I think Charlie had the most fun during dinner - he was dancing away to the pop-music while the Canadian team below spotted him and were also dancing with him.  Where did he get these moves from??!?
Once at home, the boys were able to have some ice-cream after a long day.  Graham did not want to use his good arm so I told Charlie to help him and he actually did feed Graham.  Too cute:
It's a good thing it was the left collar bone and not the right.  Despite not wanting to use his right hand for ice-cream last night, he has actually been doing quite well on Day 2.
Oh, I wanted to share this drawing he made a few days ago (pre-broken bone).  I'm just seeing now why it's a little off.  He forgot the T-Rex' tail!  I'm glad he is wanting to write and draw more lately though.
Only 1 week of school left next week and the school holidays begin.  Thank goodness for Graham! Hopefully he won't go too crazy running around with the other kids next week while in school.  The last thing we need is him re-breaking that collar bone again!  Hopefully he will be out of the sling by the time school starts again in January. InshaAllah as they say here!

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