Saturday, December 5, 2015

Graham's teeth

Another stage of growing up!  Graham finally lost both his lower front teeth this past week during the UAE National Day break.  We were on a short vacation and while brushing his teeth, one of the lower central incisors popped out (I didn't even know this left one was loose!).
And then, the next morning when he jumped into our bed I noticed that the lower right central incisor was missing too!  He said that it was loose so he pulled it out - all on his own!  He is obviously very happy about his missing teeth:
The teeth are so tiny!
My sister had bought a little "tooth fairy pillow" a year or two ago and it finally came in handy.
According to Graham, the Tooth Fairy gives gold coins for loose teeth. Thankfully, the "tooth fairy" had a stash of Euro coins which are gold in color.  Phew!!!  He was so happy in the morning that he immediately plopped his "gold coins" into his piggy bank.  Ha ha!

And very soon, Graham will be singing the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!".

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