Monday, November 9, 2015

Annual vacation - Part 1

As if we didn't just get off an airplane,... a week after being home from Malaysia, we are back on the plane again!  This time it was our annual vacation back to the US.  The boys are too familiar and comfortable with this situation now as they play "Ring around the Rosie" by the check-in counter:
No stroller on this trip this time so the roller bag came in really handy as usual.  Thankfully the boys were good at taking turns and we obviously still get plenty of looks!
Ahh... the boys are pros at this now!
And as usual, Charlie is fast asleep as soon as we are up in the air.
Back in New Jersey and it doesn't take long for Pop-pop to bring out the cardboard boxes from the shed for the boys to play:
Lots of acorns in the yard for Charlie to pick up:
And Graham hasn't lost a beat when it comes to raking leaves - just like back in Tulsa!
As the boys play, Daddy tries to catch up with some zzzzzz....
Back inside, the boys are really comfortable in Grandma and Pop-pop's place.  Toys on the floor and cartoons playing on the TV or DVD almost all day long!
By the way, did I mention how cold it was??!
The boys were up very early in the morning the first couple of days, so they spent a lot of time in their PJs.  Unfortunately, even these new ones were a little low on the waist.  Butt crack!
The other boys decided to hang out on the deck instead.  Lots of catching up for the brothers!
I managed to get an eye exam during this trip as I was running low on contact lenses.  I had my eyes dilated and the optometrist handed me these fancy plastic sunglasses for the drive home.  All the boys had a go at it!
Bobby taught the boys to do these "peace" signs.  It's sort of a stereotype in the Asian culture :-)
Too funny!
One of the days, we decided to take a drive out to Moorestown, NJ.  That's where Bobby and I lived for a year when we first got married over 8 years ago.  We wanted to have our wedding photographer take some family photos there with the beautiful Fall colors.
But first, lunch at Wegmans supermarket.  Gosh, I miss this place!
Here's our first apartment together.  A little 2-bedroom apartment with no garage.  I remembered the deal being Bobby would always have to clean up my windshield and warm up my car when I had to leave for my golf/roadtrip in the mornings.  Brrr... too cold for me! Good thing we were still newly-weds then. Ha ha!
We managed to find the park where Bobby and I got married/registered.  Thanks to our photographer Andy Todes, we had some great pictures taken!  Bobby did his part in helping get the boys' attention too!
The boys obviously had a fun day and enjoyed being back on lots of grass (compared to Abu Dhabi!).
Fun times!
Here's the teddy bear where Bobby and I had some photos taken back on that day we said "I do".
And the gazebo is still there too!
Ahhh... we looked so young then!
Good times back in NJ.  Now, onward to our place back in Phoenix! (see Annual vacation - Part 2)

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