Saturday, November 21, 2015

Photos of the week

Despite all the cloud cover the other day, we have yet to see a real rainstorm here in Abu Dhabi!
Charlie enjoying "rambutan" - a local fruit that we get in Malaysia (although I can't remember where these were imported from).
And in case you're wondering what it looks like, here it is!  Reddish with soft spikes on the outside, semi-transparent flesh on the inside with a seed.  Charlie later discovered that there's a layer of skin that comes off from the seed, so that threw him off a little and he no longer like it.  Funny enough, that's the same reason why I don't like to eat Rambutans anymore either!
Charlie my sleepy, tired bear.  He fell asleep in the car so I put him in the stroller to bring him up to the apartment.  It's amazing how he manages to find a comfortable position in the stroller for his afternoon nap!
Embracing the upcoming National Day - I will be dressing up in one of these Abayas during Graham's picnic lunch at school. I was only planning on getting one but somehow ended up with two (Good discount for first customer, as they would always say!).  I had originally picked out another one but after some issues with alterations, the "boss" at the store had me pick out another one - so I picked out the one on the left.  It's a bit "different" or more "modern" as the store guy puts it and funny enough, Graham actually likes that one better and wants me to wear it for his school picnic.  We'll see how I do in it!
Still trying to figure things out here in Abu Dhabi.  Who knew that a splash park would only open from 3-6pm rather than in the mornings or all day.  Very strange!  This one looks really fun though.  Can't wait for our next trip out there during the correct time!
All was not lost as the kids came across a lady with a pet cockatoo.  You just never know what you'll find around here!
And there was also fun with the kite but despite a windy day, even I had a tough time getting the kite up in the air.  Blame it on the cheapy kite but not like the kids minded it one bit :-)
Good memories!

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