Friday, November 27, 2015

Goodbye Srixon, Hello PING!

I meant to update on this a while ago since I have now converted to PING clubs after being back from the US this past October.  With at least 6 years with my most recent Srixon golf clubs (and a total of 11 years with Srixon - from the very beginning of turning pro!), I figured it was time for a change. I did switch to PING wedges last year and really liked them.  It's amazing how much difference technology can make! And with the PING company situation in Phoenix, Arizona - it was quite an advantage for me to be personally fitted.  I needed something that would give me extra height and length, of course.  Who doesn't want to hit it longer!

And after 2 rounds of golf, I'm still adjusting to the new woods and hybrids but really loving the new I-Series irons!  I recently added a new gym class to my routine as well called Body Combat.  Lots of punching (with no gloves/sparing partner) and lots of lunges, squats, and kicking so I've been quite sore. I was feeling a lot better during yesterday's game compared to last week and it was obvious with my score: 75 yesterday compared to 80 last week!  And oh, also got a new putter.  I know... they say it's the "Indian" and not the "arrow" but I'm convince I needed a different putter as well :-)

Looking forward to more better rounds of golf.  I did beat Bobby 6 and 5 yesterday.  All I need to do now is try and out-drive him to crush his ego some more! :-)

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