Friday, November 27, 2015

New turf on the balcony

A friend of ours recently moved to a new villa and during my first visit to their home, I stepped into her backyard of lush green turf.  Yes, artificial turf!... and I was so amazed and pleasantly surprised at how good it felt on the feet!  She had a couple extra sheets of it and I asked if I could have it and funny enough, it fit perfectly on our balcony when we laid it out - like it was meant to be!
On the first night, the boys were excited to have their yogurt on the balcony before bedtime:
Charlie is in charge of dusting during the day!
I think he has been the one using the balcony the most anyway :-)
So glad we are able to enjoy the balcony more, especially now that the weather is finally cooling down!
Bobby still doesn't believe how well the two pieces of turf fit on the balcony.  He is convinced that I had it measured out.  Well, I told him it would cost him at least a new vacuum cleaner because that's all we need to do to clean it.  I wish I had purchased that Shop-Vac back in the US - so much cheaper back there!

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