Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Annual vacation - Part 2

We had an unfortunate incident in our "Phoenix" house a few months ago - where our water heater leaked and pretty much flooded the inside of our house!  Well, flooded might be an overstatement but we did have to get movers to move all our furniture out and take every single plank of flooring out of the house.  YIKES!  Thankfully, our realtor/friend was able to coordinate all this while we were in Abu Dhabi.  But coming back in this time felt somewhat like moving back in again since a lot of our things were still in boxes. But hey, new floors and fresh coat of paint!
Not like the boys minded the mess one bit.  Thankfully they have their little play area to mess up!
And then, jetlag hits!
It's a good thing the movers put the couch back together!
And some things just never change, like the thing with the cushions...
And the thing with the bubbles. The boys love bubbles!!!
I suppose that goes the same with me and gardening.  I guess I must have missed it!
Ahhh... much better!  Funny enough, this ground cover sort of reminds us of Abu Dhabi:
And Bobby does his usual pancakes, no matter which country we are in :-)
We managed to squeeze a few other things in during the short week, like watching the Rugby World Cup. So happy it was televised in the US!  We definitely jumped on that bandwagon supporting the All Blacks.  My dad did go to university in New Zealand, so there is that connection there.
The usual play time at the splash pad:
A visit to the dentist - I can't believe Graham said that going to the dentist is fun!
Charlie has a cavity!  But thankfully he didn't have to get it fixed this time but we'll have to definitely keep an eye on it.  More consistent flossing!
By the way, Charlie was too cool when it came to taking an x-ray on the dentist's chair!
Our adventure continues: A quick visit to the Phoenix Zoo.  Always nice to see the nearby buttes and mountains when we get back into town:
Running around on the grass by the Biltmore Fashion Park and eating at one of our favorite restaurants there:
Some golf, of course:
Being minions on Halloween!
The boys had so much fun trick-or-treating this year compared to the time in Abu Dhabi last year.  Although it seems like the trend is to leave the candy by the front door!
Buckets full of candy this year! And they enjoyed giving out candy once they were done going around the neighborhood.  Charlie was saying "Over here! We have trick-or-treats over here!". And Graham was so anxious to hand out the candy. It was very cute!
And finally, spending some time by the fire in the backyard:
Oh, wait...! Can't forget our neighborhood improvement store too.  Can't seem to take the "Tulsa" out of them. Ha ha!
We love being back in Phoenix!

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