Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Phoenix Zoo

The boys always enjoy going to the zoo.  And what a nice day it was!  The temperature was perfect for walking around.  We did start out with an EMT truck from the fire department outside of the zoo. The boys were excited about that!
We visit the zoo almost every time we make the trip to Phoenix so now, we sort of have a routine route!
We did make an extra walk this time to see the oryx and someone was not very happy about that. I wonder who that might have been....
This one looks so real!
Charlie found a stick and was pointing it at some animal pretending to shoot it.  What have these boys been watching on TV lately!
He loves the binoculars!
A little reminder of home/Borneo:
And the komodo dragon too!  Don't tell Charlie that Lau Ye/Grandpa like to eat those!
Daddy had such a long day at the zoo that he had to take a quick nap:
Poor daddy!

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