Monday, November 9, 2015

Family photos in Moorestown, NJ

During our recent trip to NJ, we had our wedding photographer meet us back in Moorestown, NJ where Bobby and I spent our first year as a married couple (over 8 years ago).  We managed to find the park, which I later discover it as Strawbridge Park - where we said "I do" and had Andy ( take some family photos.  Over 700 photos were taken and here are some of our favorites.  It was so difficult to narrow these down since obviously, there was so many to choose from!

Can't get the boys away from doing this "peace" sign thing.  No thanks to Bobby for teaching them!

Bobby thought this pose was rather cheesy.  I don't really care what he says because I really do like this one!

I'm glad Grandma and Pop-pop were able to join us on that pretty day too!

Just loving the Fall colors in the backdrop:

It was never easy trying to get that PERFECT picture.  Obviously, this photo says it all. Ha ha!

We moved from the teddy bears to a nearby park.  Andy asked us to stand on the swings.  We had some really funny moments here. I love how this moment was captured!

The boys of my life!

Thank you Andy for all the awesome photos!  He is definitely highly recommended in our books!

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