Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fun golf day

I'm glad we were able to squeeze in one day of golf with the boys during our trip to Phoenix.  The boys are slowly learning that they have to stay/sit still when someone hits on the tee. Nice backswing, Daddy!
There's still some work needed when we approach the green.  Graham normally gets there first!
While Charlie still lags behind.  Smaller footsteps I guess!
Each boy had a chance at getting out of the bunker.  It would have taken forever until I had to just throw the ball out of the sand. And then it takes so long after that to rake the bunker because as you can see, the boys have had stepped ALL OVER it!
Such a big swing for Charlie even on the putting green!
But after a few holes, the boys start to lose interest:
Rolly polly down the hill for Graham!
And we start looking for some oranges as well:
Love the sunset around here!
And just can't seem to get away from those palm trees.  As if we didn't see enough of them in Abu Dhabi!

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