Thursday, November 12, 2015

So tired!

We made it back to Abu Dhabi last week and are just finally getting through jetlag.  Although, I have still yet to finish unpacking!  The boys have been quite tired all week - barely finishing up their (early) dinners and falling asleep at the dinner table!  Anyhow, I thought it would be funny to put together a collection of "I'm so tired!" photos.  Enjoy!

Charlie on the couch, jetlagged obviously (back in Abu Dhabi)

Graham passed out in the car after dinner one night. It's a good thing the UAE is not strict on car seats!

Sleepy bears after splash (in Phoenix)

Charlie missing out on playtime

Also from jetlag, Charlie on the couch at Grandma's when we first arrived in NJ

In the car, Graham is fast asleep on the way to Moorestown, NJ

Charlie - too tired to eat (on the way to the Phoenix Zoo). Too funny!

After the zoo trip - poor Graham!  What are we doing to our kids! 

Not looking very comfortable, but I think Charlie is actually fast asleep in his seat on the airplane (enroute to NJ):

But we make it all up by buying things like Olaf fluffy blankies and matching eye shades. Graham is pretending to sleep here!

It's a good thing the boys can sleep just about anywhere!

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