Monday, October 19, 2015

Trip to KL for Sime Darby LPGA

All I have to say is "Wow! These girls are good!"  The winner of the tournament was at -18 and I was (as usual, unfortunately) at the bottom of the list at #71 with scores of 74, 80, 79, and 75 (+24).  Looks like I have my work cut out for me!  YIKES!

In any case, it was still a great experience for me.  I think out of the 3 times I've played in this event, this is the one where I've learned the most.  I had a chance to play with Charley Hull (a Solheim Cup player) on Day 2.  These young girls are so fearless!  I need to definitely learn a few things from them.
It was wonderful again to get some local support.  MST Golf provided some nice outfits for the week.
A local photographer took some, what I thought were some really good pics.  Action cam, as Bobby would say!
My local caddy, Azhar has been on the bag 3 years in a row now - I guess 3 qualifiers and 2 actual tournaments (2013 and 2015).
Cool leg sleeves, eh?  So many people thought I was a Korean or Japanese golfer.  Ha ha!

The boys really enjoyed themselves.  Charlie had a thing with watermelon during the trip:
And both boys enjoyed the Magnum ice cream bars!  The company was a new sponsor for this year's event and they had the ice cream bars available for free throughout the day in the Player's Lounge.  I had my fair share too as sometimes I would have to "help" Charlie:
Daddy/Bobby had a thing with the spicy noodle soup at the Players' Lounge (as Charlie analyzes my pin sheet :-)
... and Graham goes through my yardage book during a weather delay.  Just one little putt left on the last hole!... but no, I had to wait almost 3 hours before I was able to finally finish up my first round.
In any case,  the boys enjoyed watching the thunderstorm roll by.  They kept watching out for those lightning strikes! And Charlie would come running back when the thunder boomed too loudly :-)
As long as they stayed out of trouble, which they did.  Bobby made sure they didn't make too much noise by the golf holes:
The boys got tattoos on their arms and hung out by the bar:
The club also opened up the pool this year by the Kids Zone.  The boys had a blast! Thanks again to Ms Tammy for watching the boys while Mommy was "working".
Charlie even managed to sneak a nap in between play:
Speaking of work, signing autographs is part of "work" too :-)
As usual, we traveled in style all week.
And while not at the club, everyone chilled in the hotel room.  Thank goodness we upgraded because it was just enough space for all the toys and mess!
A successful trip indeed!
Tough life!
As for me, lots of stats to improve on for next year's qualifier/tournament.  Need to hit it longer and have less putts by next year!

And oh, by the way,  Charlie and I had left 2 days earlier than Bobby and Graham.  And when we all got home, what do I find??? Some structural building toy with marbles that's suited for an 8 year old! Obviously, Mommy was the one that had to fix this up when we got home :-P
We'll see how long before the small pieces and marbles go missing!

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