Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More practice!

Finally had a chance to play on the other Troon golf course out here - Saadiyat Beach Golf Club.  So pretty out here!  And it's so cool having Springboks running around!
I wonder what will happen if I "accidentally" hit one?

There's a hole out here called Dolphin Cove.  I haven't seen any dolphins yet but supposedly they are visible out in that gulf!

Soft sandy beaches.  We actually have to drive across the hotel property that you see to the right on this photo. It's huge!

And another hotel is being built as we speak.  How many cranes do they need??!

And did I mention there's a lot of bunkers on this golf course?  I mean A LOT especially on the back-nine and guess who found most of them?
Just kidding, honey! Oh, what's that? Mommy wins! :-P

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