Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mummenshanz at Emirates Palace

Bobby was really excited when he heard that Mummenshanz was coming into town.  I wasn't really sure what it was about.   It's basically a swiss-based theatre troupe that uses different masks and props in their choreography. Well, the boys were just as excited but nap first for Charlie!
The buildings in Abu Dhabi are quite impressive.  The ones to the left are the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers which was featured in the FAST & FURIOUS 7 movie.
The Emirates Palace is also very impressive.  Perhaps not so much from this photo, but trust me. It's quite something!
Here's another view of some of the building across from the Emirate Palace.  The Jumeirah at Etihad Towers in the 3 mirrored ones in the back.
Once parked, Charlie is still napping.
Inside the Emirates Palace - Charlie is still completely out!
Looking up from the center of the hotel:
And here's the infamous Gold machine.  Most of the 15 karat pendants are being sold at Dhs1,000 each (just a little over USD270).  There was a nice "Mother's Day" one - Hint! Hint!
On the way down to the theater, I noticed this rug that was hanging on the wall.  It's of the Emirate Palace and is probably the largest wall-hanging rug that I've ever come across!
Photo op! Still so hard to get good photos of the boys together!
We made our way closer to the theater and there was food available.  Pop-corn for Charlie and nachos with cheese for Graham - except there was no place to sit!  So we opted for the floor.
Graham and Charlie didn't seem to mind the floor at all.  Some of the staff found it quite amusing actually.  Hopefully they will figure a better solution instead of high tables for next year's show:
The stage was quite impressive with the UAE crest right above:
Thankfully we were able to bring our pop-corn into the theater:
And the nachos too, but without the cheese.
While waiting, Graham was just running up and down the stairs:
Finally, the show is starting!
There was some spectator participation and Graham was really hoping to be able to participate!
There were quite some interesting acts and some that were just ok.  But overall, it was two-thumbs up!
It was unfortunate though that there were so many empty seats.  Perhaps the experience would have been different with a theater full of kids.  Anyhow, we decided to try out a Chinese restaurant at the Palace after the show.  Free drinks with the set menu.  Yummy in the tummy for Mommy! :-)
Looks like Graham found the camera again:
Somehow this is looking rather familiar!
Like father, like son!

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