Thursday, September 3, 2015

Golf bag mishap

I suppose the lesson learnt here is "Don't leave food in your golf bag!".  Well, that's going to be tough because I'm constantly hungry on the golf course.  Well, here's the little mishap:
Time to perform "surgery"!
I actually took the golf bag to a seamstress but they recommended a cobbler instead.  That meant 1) Having to find one and 2) Going into the city.  So, that was a pretty quick NO.  Anyhow, I think the patch job was decent:
But obviously, it was still rather unpresentable and I needed to make the damaged area of the bag waterproof again.  I was shopping around for some iron-on patches.  Although not waterproof but at least it was better looking than the raw stitching!  And after looking around for a while, I found a shower cap.  Light bulb!!!
I was trying my best to figure out how to patch things up and not make it look too silly, if you know what I mean.  I think I was already halfway there when I bought a pink color shower cap! But then I thought, "Why not cut out the little fruits?"
Not too shabby!  Arranging the little fruits to see how they will look like when put together was a little tricky so sewing them on was probably even trickier.  So that only left me with one and onlyl one solution - kragle! (in reference to Krazy Glue in the Lego movie :-)
Ta da!!!  Hopefully it doesn't look too silly.  I think Bob was actually quite impressed! Especially after seeing that pink shower cap, he was probably quite pleased the pink didn't transfer to the golf bag as well.  And I suppose the patch job is on the bottom bit of the golf bag so it's not too noticeable.

The golf club did offer to replace my golf bag but it would have taken too long as I wanted a specific one from the US. Shipping would have been tricky and very expensive too! At first, I did pick one out - a white one (what was I thinking - in dusty and sandy Abu Dhabi??!) so which is why I returned it.  And once the patch job was completed and I didn't feel too embarrassed owning my bag again, I requested to receive credit instead in the golf shop.  So happy with the new shirts and sun sleeves!
Glad the management at the club were very cooperative and nice.  Quite funny though how this whole mishap happened because now I have some new gear for the upcoming golf qualifier!  The staff in the golf shop did wonder if the boys were gnawing on my bag :-) as it was the only golf bag damaged in the entire storage room. Go figure!

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