Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back to school!

Can't believe the summer is all over now.  Well, summer break I should probably say because the summer is here.  It is still so HOT!!!
If you haven't spotted it yet, the car thermometer says 49C outside. That's 120.2F!!!  And now that school is back in session, it's been a sweaty one getting the boys in and out of the vehicle and in and out of their schools because of the humidity too.  Check out all this condensation on our sliding doors in our living room since we have our air conditioning on most of the time here. YIKES!
But if there's any consolation, the boys are really enjoying school again.  Graham started his new school earlier this week.  He was so excited!
And excited about his new backpack and lunch bag too:
Labels on everything so I had to test my embroidery skills on his backpack:
Speaking of lunch bag, it actually just contains lots of snacks, milk and/or juice.  He has a morning snack, then lunch, and then an afternoon snack.  We have given Graham the option to get lunch at the school canteen.  We had lunch there during orientation the other day.  The food was actually quite decent, which we were very happy about.
I was told by the teacher though that Graham got really upset when they put veggies on his plate during lunch.  Ha ha!

As for Charlie, he only goes to school 3x a week. So on his off days, he's been watching lots of TV on the couch:
Spending some time at the playground:
Time in the sand (wearing Graham's red hat.  Shhhh... don't tell Graham!):
Getting all sweaty but still happy!
Having breakfast with Mommy and being so good with his coloring book at the table (instead of running around with his brother!):
Charlie had his first day of school yesterday.  He is back at the same nursery from last year.  A new classroom and new teachers and thankfully, a great day!  He did have a pout when I dropped him off but he found some new toys to play with in the corner. When I picked him up yesterday, he said that he "had a fun day today", which is such good news!  Well, he was actually fast asleep when I walked into his class:
Too cute!  I insisted on nap-time and his teacher agreed as well for kids his age. So more to pack for school - a pillow, blanket, and sheets.  My embroidery skills were tested again for his personalized pillow case :-)
It was quite tough waking Charlie up from his nap and once I did, his first words to me were... "I'm hungry, Mommy".  Too funny!  Well, at least he is not asleep when I get to Graham's school.  Instead, he's really happy to move to the front seat with his snack while waiting for the school gate to open:
So on a day when all of us have to go to school and I have to go to "work", it's quite challenging to get everyone AND everything to the elevator and to the car!
I wish we had brought along our John Deere wagon from Tulsa!  That was a nice one. Sigh...!

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