Saturday, September 26, 2015

Yummy scones

I finally discovered that I had misread the directions for a scone recipe.  Instead of just using 2 tbsp of a beaten egg, I was throwing in the entire egg into the batter.  No wonder the dough was so wet!  Well, I think I nailed it this time:
Thumbs up from the boys!
Not quite the same consensus with the recent fritata though.  Somehow or rather, it took a lot longer in the oven compared to what was written in the recipe book.
It was quite a good idea though using pita bread for the crust.  It did come out nice and crunchy!
That sort of sparked the idea of making pita chips.  Unfortunately, the boys were not as enthusiastic as I was.  Probably because the chips were a little bit plain.
Well, the discovery of new food and recipe continues! :-)

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