Saturday, August 29, 2015

A great visit from the Punchers

It was a last minute visit from some friends in the UK and I'm so glad they were able to make it!  We really enjoyed having them around especially when they agreed to stay over at our place too.  The boys were overjoyed!  They had someone to do arts and crafts with them:
Graham and Charlie especially loved playing with Izzy! :-)
Having guests also meant going out to fun places like the new Glow-in-the-dark putt-putt:
At first, everyone took turns on the same hole:
But after a couple of holes, everyone just sort of scattered.  It was nice that there was no one else around!
 There were some interesting holes with humps and bumps and swirls:
A little tricky for Charlie at times:
The boys did enjoy watching their golf balls roll around:
After not finding the 19th hole, Graham started investigating how some of the mechanisms worked:
And he also liked playing the hole backwards instead - trying to put the ball the wrong way into tubes, for example:
At times, some of the golf balls got stuck.  We knew who would take care of that :-)
Did I mention how tricky and quite dangerous some of these holes can get??!
Ahhh... time for a break!
Ok, just kidding.  I meant a coffee break.  Yummy roti (buns) with nutella!
Charlie, like Mommy, prefers the bread plain:
It's funny how even kids love taking selfies!
One more hug during dinner before leaving the next day:
I'm glad the boys got the "Play with phone" out of their system on the last night:
Good times!
Thank you Punchers for coming over.  Please visit us again soon!  In the meantime, the boys are back to doing what they do best - watching TV on the couch!
And recycling...!  I finally managed to get Graham to do this for me :-)
Now, if the boys are only old enough to go do the groceries at the new supermarket that opened up downstairs!

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