Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fun at Fun Works

Since we still had some credit left from our last visit to Fun Works at the mall, we decided the boys could go to another section of Fun Works before school started again.  It was a little bit more expensive but I think Graham enjoyed it more than Charlie, especially the video-gaming part. He got to be part of the video game!
Graham got to practice his skills of throwing fire balls, using his strength, and also using mind control to defeat his nemesis.  Wait... I think he's already pretty good with the mind control thing on Bobby and me!
Charlie was not too interested in creating his own avatar, but once he saw his brother playing IN the video game, he wanted in as well.  Once that was over, it was time to decorate cup-cakes and Charlie decided to opt out again.  We are definitely not getting our money's worth in this place!
After cupcake decorating and shopping in the grocery store, an attendant finally got us into the car workshop.  I suppose that was one bad thing playing on a not-so-busy day - it didn't seem like they had enough attendants for all the workshops!
Well, Charlie finally got excited about the car workshop.  They boys got to build their own cars out of legos and race it down the track:
Charlie was so happy that his car won!  A week later and he is still talking about it!
Then, they got to "drive".  The attendant is actually controlling the car remotely with his hand that's out the window.  The boys obviously did not know that!
I'm glad Charlie was being a nice little brother and sharing the wheel with Graham:
A fun day overall but I still prefer the other enclosed play area where the boys got to climb and slide. Although with Graham, he still talks about wanting to fight Dr. Dark!

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