Monday, August 24, 2015

Recent happenings in Abu Dhabi

The Mythbusters were in town recently.  We figured it might be a little over the head for Charlie so Bobby took Graham to see it live.  Too cool!
And speaking of too cool, look at the picture that Graham drew of me. Ha ha! Love the awesome hair-do and the heart balloon :-)
In the meantime, we have also added a hopscotch to our little back section of the apartment.  The boys were jumping around when I was trying to put it together but unfortunately, that excitement sort of faded after a little while. Perhaps we'll have to revisit that again when Charlie gets a little bit better at hopping on one foot:
Charlie??? Where is Charlie??? Woooooooo.OOOOoooo....!!!
Oh, there he is!
Charlie received another birthday gift in the mail recently.  Thanks to some lovely friends in the UK! The package took a little longer compared to Graham's package that they had sent back in May. So I was starting to get worried, but when it finally arrived after 2 weeks of being posted. Charlie was so happy! And so was Graham because that meant another toy for Graham too (as he gives Charlie a kiss).
This little wooden dragon was the reason for the delay. For whatever reason, customs decided that they needed to open the package.  I still don't understand why!
I finally got tired of looking at all that sand off our balconies:
I decided to clean 2 balconies in one morning and crazy enough, I actually got sun-burnt!
Look at all that yucky sand and that's just from one balcony!  I'm definitely not going to miss the sand and dust around here when we leave Abu Dhabi!
In the meantime, I'm going to contemplate about whether I'm going to fix this little side table.  It was the perfect little table for our home phone and modem until of course the boys kept running into it or banging a ball against it.
This little table is probably my biggest disappointment with Ikea.  I suppose it also says "You get what you pay for!"  So I guess I'll continue contemplating... like Graham perhaps, who is in deep thought after dinner:
These kids can practically sleep anywhere when they are tired! :-)

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