Monday, August 3, 2015

Pridgen household update

After moving the chaise lounge as well as the house plant to another side of the living room, it's finally getting some use!  Perhaps it's because the chaise lounge is now pointing towards the TV?!?
The other corner looked rather empty now.  So, I decided to spruce it up a little as the boys' arts and craft area.  As usual, that means a trip to IKEA!  Charlie can finally get into Sm√•land!  He was so excited and of course, that makes Mommy very happy too :-)
And here's the little craft area.  Didn't take the boys very long to start making a mess:
Hopefully I can get the boys' mess off my table and the dining table!  For example:
For whatever reason, Graham just started to cut out "U"s!  And our most recent project, a robot made out of recyclables:
The robot did not last very long as Charlie kept wanting to swipe at it!  Poor thing.  So here's part II of the robot:
Of course, it didn't take long for it to lose an arm.  Anyhow, when the boys are not trying to destroy something, they are constantly putting the couch pillows on the floor.  Occasionally they like to build their "house".
Well, to try and burn out some of Graham and Charlie's energy, we signed them both up for some indoor sports. Apologies for such small videos. I'll have to remember to bring the camera instead of using the phone!
Basketball for Graham:
And soccer for Charlie as he's not quite old enough for basketball yet.
Charlie started out really well which was so promising but then, he started to fade halfway through (30 mins later).  Anyhow, they were both still full of energy by the time their sessions ended and were both fighting for the hoop:
Never a dull moment in the Pridgen household!

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