Monday, August 3, 2015

Trip to an indoor playground

As Charlie's birthday was approaching, we decided to visit an indoor playground in a mall recently.  Thankfully, Charlie's height was not an issue here at all. This place is so big that an adult has to go in with the kids too!  I made sure the boys had socks on and why didn't I think of putting some on myself?  Anyhow, I did end up having to buy a pair of socks.
The boys could obviously move around this "maze" a lot quicker than I could.  I was breaking quite a sweat trying to maneuver around some tight spaces.  They sure had a lot of fun!!!
There was this huge spiral slide, which I obviously wanted nothing to do with!  Of course, Graham and Charlie wanted to go down it over and over again and needless to say, I lost them a couple of times because I could not get down from the other side fast enough!
This one section of the playground was the boys' favorite.  There were foam balls everywhere and these machines that used air to suck the balls up.  It either sprayed them out or put them in this UFO thing or this other digger-like loader that was installed towards the ceiling.  You could then push a button and all the balls would get dumped down.  Genius!
And then, there were these high-compressed air guns which the boys just could not get enough of!
I was surprised the boys were not too afraid of the sound it made. It was really loud when you hit the trigger.  Fire away!!!
Only after about 2 hours, the boys decided to take a break.  I was starving by then!  Thankfully there was a little cafe just outside of the playground.  And YUM!!! They served these delicious little pies.  I had an apple one, Graham had a cherry pie, and Charlie had a chocolate pie of course:
Ready to go back for some more!!!
Thankfully, after about another extra 1/2 hour in the indoor playground, Daddy showed up for dinner.  Phew! I was definitely ready to go!
Once dinner was over, the boys roamed around one toy store in the mall so Charlie could pick out his birthday gift and then, it was time to go home. Obviously the boys dozed off pretty quickly once they got into the car!

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