Friday, August 14, 2015

Random pics of the week

We haven't been doing too much lately. Just staying home mostly as the temperature outside is still quite unbearable during the day! So let's see... where should we start:

Charlie finally finished the last bit of his birthday muffins:
And speaking of eating, Charlie loves watermelon! I wonder if it has anything to do with my cravings for watermelon when I was pregnant with him:
By the way, you can never assume that a watermelon is seedless (perhaps at least not in this neighborhood!).  Gosh, it took me forever to de-seed this baby watermelon because the seeds were so small as well.

As the weather is so warm, the boys love the occasional homemade ice-pop as well.  Charlie makes the funniest sounds when he's eating these ice-pops. Ha ha!
Back to playtime - Graham and Charlie loves playing on the Leap pad or tablet.  It seems we just can't get away from technology these days, as long as it's off during meal times!
We had a little project on building some bowling pins out of recycled water bottles. That was fun (but noisy!):
And Graham found another use for our fan when they came home with a couple of balloons from a restaurant.  Clever boy!
And speaking of clever, I thought this was quite the drawing he made. We were watching a TV show and they were building the Da Vince tank and coincidentally, we also have a pop-up book of Da Vinci's machines that we had picked up on our trip to Italy.
Not too shabby! And here's Graham attempt on a stop-watch:
Baby steps, I suppose!  If he was only as enthusiastic about doing some homework for me.  One day, I had assigned some math for him but had to step away to tuck Charlie in for his nap.  When Charlie finally fell asleep, I walked by Graham's room and discovered this.  He definitely has the "Lee" sleeping-genes in him!
Anyhow, while the boys were napping I figured this would be my chance to try out the biscotti recipe.  I have had a craving for them since our trip to Italy.  Gosh, the dough is so sticky!
I put cranberries in them.  No almonds though since I was going to pack them for a breakfast playdate.  They weren't too sweet but I think they needed to crisp just a little bit more next time:
Well, back to play!  The boys get quite imaginative at home, but that comes at a price of a messy living room.  They obviously had to dump out ALL the toys out of the bins to be able to stack them like that. Grrr...!!!
Why can't they just run around the living room?  Oh wait, they already do that - Charlie that is, as he does his kung fu sound effects:
By the way, Charlie finally got the "Interrupting Cow - Knock, knock" joke.  Too cute!
And also cute was meeting Mr. Broccoli at IKEA!  Charlie was too afraid to stand next to him.
And perhaps this was semi-cute.  This was Bobby last week when we were playing golf.  It was 115F when we got done!
Oh, what's that??? Mommy 1 up! :-)  Looks like that new swing is working!
Yes, nothing like practicing golf at night with the boys!

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