Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Happy 3rd birthday, Charlie!

We celebrated Charlie's birthday last Friday, on the 31st.  I still can't believe he is 3 now.  Does this mean the end of the Terrible 2s and the start of even Worse 3s??!
Why can't they stay this precious??!  I think he was about 4 or 5 months old there. Handsome fella!
And now... Cheeky Charlie.  Can you tell?
Nothing like starting out the birthday morning with opening up presents.  Poor fella waited a long time for Daddy to wake up this past Friday morning!
We got him a garbage truck Playdoh set and also lots of new cars (something about Charlie and these matchbox cars!) and also a new race track:
He loves to line his cars up!
The tracks are a hit!  
Maybe the new playdoh was not such a good idea.  Always such a mess when they are done!
We went out for brunch and then it was nap time:
Ok, ready to make the birthday cake!  Charlie would say "I'm not 2. I'm 3 now."
I decided to make a muffin cake instead.  Some of the muffins didn't turn out so well without the cupcake tin:
Nothing Charlie can't take care of.  Yummy in his tummy!
And yes, more of Spiderman - just like his brother's cake!  My inspiration came from the little Lego Spiderman :-)
Happy birthday, Charlie!
We also had Grandma and Pop-pop on Skype to celebrate with us.  Thank you for the card and money gift!
I think Daddy enjoyed the cake more than Charlie this time!
Okay, one last gift.  What could it be???
It's.... Mr. Banana!!!
Every time when we are in the golf shop at the Club, Charlie always grabs Mr. Banana from the collection of golf head covers.  He really loves Mr. Banana!
We'll just have to keep working on his counting skills.  Hopefully he'll have it down by his next birthday.  Thankfully big brother Graham is always around to help:
And hopefully we won't have to start the next birthday morning with wet pajamas!

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