Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trip to Sabah: Day 6-8

The adventure continues at my hometown of Kota Kinabalu with my two boys - Graham and Charlie.  Always seem to be something going on!  Can't believe we're already more than halfway through our vacation time here.  I think I'm going to have to accumulate all these "ice milo" photos to see exactly how many the boys had on this trip!
My sister Corina arrived today after traveling for almost 2 days!  Minneapolis, MN to Dallas, TX, then to Hong Kong (overnight) and finally Kota Kinabalu.  She brought a lot of goodies with her!
Some time at home, so it's time to use up some of those bubbles!
So glad I was able to grab a couple of these cool wands from my friend:
Dinner time... more ice milo! Even Charlie has learnt how to hang his ice cube on the straw. Ha!
And tonight, we are having homemade pau or meat buns.  Always makes me think of my grandma when I eat these.  Hers were the best!
Also on the menu - fried fish.  I'm not exactly sure what Charlie is trying to say, but perhaps the tongue sticking out sums it all :-)
Boys were done with their dinner pretty quickly so I sent them to the next table over to draw and color. Thankfully it wasn't too busy at my aunt's restaurant that night.
If you're curious, yes... majority of the restaurants here are indoor/outdoor seating.  The boys were running in between the tables after a little while.  Thankfully the diners were not upset about it!
The next day, we went to visit my dad/Lau Ye at his office.  The boys discovered the pencil sharpener.  Kids can be amused by such simple things!
I found an old photo of my sister and I.  That's me to the left. I was only 5 years old then!
The boys managed to find a scale in my dad's office too. Anything to keep them occupied!
Graham sitting on my dad's chair :-)
Breakfast!  My sister and I opted for Dim Sum while the boys got some scones from across the street.  Such expensive scones!  Pretty tasty but I think mine were better ;-)
We drove into town as my sister needed to change out the battery for her watch.  Boys were eyeing the G-Shock brand.  Too much for over RM600 or USD$150!
There... these are much better.  Less than RM20 (USD$5) for BOTH watches! It's too bad Charlie dropped his watch at the airport on the way home :-(
The boys are having a bit of fun at a souvenir / book shop in the mall.
Quick hair cut!
We went to check out a hotel by the beach after that.  This seems to be quite a kid-friendly place. Graham and Charlie loves looking at fish:
The views were good:
Looks like Charlie has found a stick this time.  Graham doesn't seem to be amused:
The boys are eyeing the pool.  It looks very inviting!
The splash park area definitely doesn't compare to what we have here!
Love how the area is tree-lined with coconut trees:
There's an area for bocce ball and also for ping pong.  The boys couldn't get enough of it.  Thankfully we blended in like hotel guests ;-)
Private beach area, but red flag is up today for jelly fish. YIKES!!!
Last but not least, a quick go at the Gong before we leave the hotel :-)
My two VERY tired bears!
On Day 8, we meet up with some friends of mine from high school.  There are still quite a few of them back in KK.  Always good to catch up!  But first, time to catch up with the boys - constantly running around in the mall.
A quick lunch with old friends.  At this restaurant, some of the tables were equipped with personal computers.  What is this world coming to!
After lunch we were getting ready to leave when we heard some traditional music.  I'm glad the boys got to see some traditional/local dances:
Graham was invited to join in on the bamboo dance. He seemed brave at first but then started to cry. Poor fella!  So I went up there with him. He was still crying until the end of the dance.
Nothing an ice milo can't fix!  I had my first teh tarik (literally translated to pulled-tea) and some indian bread / roti canai with dahl and curry. YUM!!!
Not long after that, it's dinner time.  More family reunions!  Charlie is gnawing on a chicken drumstick. I'm glad one other member of the family doesn't mind bones ;-)
The boys eat a little and join in with their cousins on some phone time. It's amazing how quiet they can be watching videos on these phones!
Lots to eat! Chicken, fish, crab, veggies.  Charlie had his first taste of crab.  When asked which one he wanted, he said "the one that is looking at me".  HAHA!
By the end of the night, the boys were playing with empty beer cans.  Here's Charlie taking a photo of his "masterpiece"!
I think this is the last of the family reunion dinners. Phew!

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