Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Missing front tooth for Graham

Just earlier yesterday morning, Graham mentioned that his right front tooth was loose.  And so what does he do in the afternoon???  He falls flat on his face while running in the mall and POP!... off comes his loose tooth!  And now, his left front tooth is a little wobbly too!
Graham said that now it's a bit tough to talk because there's too much air going through.  Too funny! His bottom right lateral incisor is slowly coming in but his left lateral incisor is still missing.  Poor kid!  He was trying to eat at apple today and he really struggled!  But if anything, I'm so happy that he's even attempting to eat an entire whole apple, skin and all. Now, if he will only eat more vegetables like Charlie!

In the meantime, we have yet to put Graham's tooth under his pillow. We went golfing yesterday and got home late. And tonight, we went to Dubai and had another late night. Hopefully the Tooth Fairy will be back on call tomorrow night :-)

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