Thursday, September 15, 2016

Recent happenings

I had recently bought this tray made out of clay for baking bread.  This was my first attempt using it.  The bread came out okay but I may have to work on a different bread recipe.  Something is just a little off! Yes, it's the recipe,... not the technique :-P
I can't believe this sunflower actually bloomed as there is no direct sunlight in our apartment.  It was from sunflower seeds that Charlie's class had given for (British) Mother's Day back in March!  I don't remember when we had planted it - maybe a couple of months ago?  I think it's so funny how the flower is literally touching the glass, trying to get as close as it can to real sunlight!
We'll see how long this flower will continue to stay alive:
By the way, I think I had accidentally killed my bonsai plant, Ali.  I thought there was root rot so I moved him to a different location by the sliding doors to get some more light.  Unfortunately, it got so dried out he lost all of his leaves and his trunk is completely dried out too! This one might be a goner!

In other news... Graham and Charlie tried out for rugby a couple of weeks ago.  Charlie thoroughly enjoyed it as there was a friend of his that was also in it.
There were SO many kids though!!!  And at the end of it, the parents had to join in and chase their kids around.  I'm surprised not more kids bumped into each other!

Graham started out quite well but the turf was slippery and he fell quite a few times (although he's known for falling on purpose anyhow!).  In any case, a kid accidentally stepped on his leg and that was pretty much the end of it.  It was hard for him to calm down and I kept telling him to toughen up. Later on, when we all did finally get into the car, I did notice two shoe stud marks on his shin.  OUCH! No wonder he wouldn't stop crying!!!  Tough love, tough love ;-)

Anyhow, we had dinner at a new restaurant just next to the pitch and Graham was fast asleep all throughout dinner.   Poor kid was so tired.  It was a little tough for him as rugby was on Thursday evening, which is the very last day of the week. Probably extra tired being the first week coming back after the school holidays!
I think what I was truly disappointed was losing our water bottles. I had accidentally left them on the table and after emailing, calling, and going to the restaurant TWICE, the bottles were no where to be found.  We had purchased them in a bicycle store in San Francisco. Looks like we'll just have to go back there! I did like some of their cycling rain gear and warm clothing - nice thin layers for golf too!

At the end of the day/night, we figured rugby was not quite for the boys. Maybe it would have been if the timing were better.  I think we may just stick with soccer :-)

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