Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Trip to Sabah: Day 10 & 11?

Somehow I thought we only spent 10 days in KK. I must have my days/math wrong!  Anyhow, back to our busy itinerary :-)

Beef noodles soup for breakfast... again!
Charlie was a little hesitant sitting at this restaurant for some reason.  But thankfully the yummy meatballs calmed him down.
And even Graham is warming up to Asian food :-)
We went to a park later that day.  I used to come to this same park as a kid.  We brought some old bread to feed the fish.  The boys really enjoyed that:
Play time at the playground:
There's a open market situated just in the parking lot of the park.  My sister was very keen in getting some durian - the King of Fruit!  If you could only smell it... :-)
After the park, dinner at my uncle's place.  YUMMY dumplings!!!
It's funny how Graham would only eat the meat filling and Charlie would only eat the dumpling skin.  Perfect match I suppose!

Such tired bears!
The next day, we were supposed to go snorkeling at the islands but due to the concern for jellyfish, I opted for something else.  A high-school friend of mine invited us over to her home.  She has lots of fruit trees in her backyard and her family also owns a farm nearby.  Here we are trying to get the rambutan (the red fruits in the tree).  These are actually seedless!
Charlie checking out the fruit.  He actually enjoys eating rambutan so he was very pleased to find out these were seedless!
Graham on the other hand hardly ate any of the local fruits during this entire trip, but somehow managed to find this Thor-like hammer.  I think that's what he actually said.  "I am Thor!"
Charlie found the shell of a snail.  Too bad we forgot to pack this one home. It would have been a nice addition to his shell collection!
Here's a dragon fruit.  Most of them are white on the inside. This one is red:
And who knew these fruits came from a cactus-looking plant!
I'm glad the boys enjoyed the farm.
Here's how a coconut plant reproduces.  Neat!
This guy was really handy with the machete!  That's what I really need if Charlie wants to eat another coconut here in Abu Dhabi.  My poor IKEA knife didn't stand a chance!
We didn't have any straws so this was the only way to drink the coconut water.  Delicious!
Charlie couldn't help it but had to pull a banana off the tree.  Too bad it wasn't ripe enough to eat:
Aaahhh.... so hot and sweaty!
Our last night in KK.  I think my dad will be happy to have his peace and quiet again after almost 2 weeks with these two monkeys! :-)

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