Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Trip to Sabah: Day 9 - Another beach day!

We are back at the beach!  But here's what the clouds looked like on the way there.  YIKES!
 Double YIKES!!! It was really raining cats and dogs!
We drove over to the nearby hotel to wait out the rain.  Thankfully it didn't take too long:
Ok... time to catch some crabs!!!  Charlie is still working on his technique:
Graham did manage to catch some but perhaps just a tad rough.  A couple of the crabs ended up "sleeping" upside-down, if you know what I mean:
There were SOOOOOO many crabs!  I don't remember seeing so many of them out of their holes, along the water:
I  met up with a couple of old childhood friends and actually both of them are in this old photo that I had found when I was home:
I'm in the very middle, at the back - sitting on the car with the red collared shirt.  Look at that face! Haha! And my sister is right in front of me, white top with the headband.

And crazy enough, here's Graham and Charlie swimming in the same pool back when I was their age!
Oh, sooooo tired after a long morning!
We went to visit my old home - where my younger brother lives now.  Aunty Lucy, who has worked for us ever since I was born is still here!  She was amused by the boys:
Didn't take long for Charlie to feel comfortable here!
Still so tough to get a good photo of both the boys!
Here were the boys back in October 2013 - 3 years ago, on those same chairs at the same house.  Oh, how much they have grown!!!
Only a couple more days left in KK!

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