Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Good bye Kota Kinabalu!

Quite a hectic vacation but it was so nice to be back in my hometown.  Especially after not seeing my dad for over 3 years!  It was nice to see my sister again for a little bit too (we met up in Phoenix earlier this past March).
No issues with Graham getting through security :-)
Charlie is already in sleep mode!
Not unless we are surrounded by Hot Wheels cars!!!
I'm so glad these boys love to fly:
But geez... so cheeky!  Here they are pretending to pick their nose!
We land in Kuala Lumpur at around 10:30pm and our next flight isn't until after 2am.  Graham is super tired!
I had to charge the tablet so I moved him to another bench.  Still fast asleep!
Thankfully, one of the Malaysian Airlines staff spotted me and the kids by the transfer desk.  I was told to wait there for the Etihad desk to open up by another staff so we wouldn't have to exit the terminal and check back in the main terminal. Well, that was misinformation and the desk was actually closed for the night!  The lady was nice enough to write out our boarding passes so we could go through the security at the Satelite terminal.  I've traveled for years and have never seen anyone manually write these out!  I'm so glad they worked! 
Especially with Graham still so out of it!  Can you imagine lugging this kid around in and out of terminals and lining up back at a check-in counter???? No way!
In a matter of minutes, we were at our gate and with a TV on, Graham is back being awake.
Although, not for long!  Thank goodness for another upgrade!
Charlie is out too.  Awww.... so peaceful:
Yes! Finally able to enjoy a nice, quiet dinner at 3:30am.  Nothing like a local Malaysian dish - nasi lemak, to send me back to Abu Dhabi:
I decided to take a nap and was woken up by the flight attendant 2 hours prior to landing.  She told me that Charlie had woken up earlier and requested for rice krispies with milk and a glass of apple juice. And when I turn over to my other side, there he was, enjoying his breakfast and watching a movie!  So glad we have these boys trained so well now ;-)
And we're home!!!  Daddy was really happy to see us!
Hopefully it won't be another 3 years before we get back to Sabah.  I actually did start to miss KK as I was leaving!

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