Monday, September 5, 2016

2nd week of school

Things are back in full swing this week!  Charlie's classes now end at 2:30pm vs 1pm during the first orientation week.  Thank goodness because I've had to carry him as he was fast asleep, from the car and back to get Graham from school almost every day last week.  And the temperature is still over 100F here!

Charlie was obviously excited about PE yesterday! Simple enough - both boys in Green house!
He's getting to be such a cheeky boy!
Here's another photo from last week that I forgot to share:
By the way, I waited until the very last day before school started to sort out all the uniforms:
So much labeling involved!  Funny enough the boys wear the same size uniform.  I hope Graham starts to eat more!  We did sign him up for Healthy Eating again this term as an extra curricular class.  As well as sewing!  We'll see how he does :-)

And oh! This photo was taken by the school photographer and posted on Facebook last week.  Love LOVE it!

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