Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Progress in school: Charlie

Charlie is settling so well in school now.  I'm so happy!  And he seems really happy too.  During the first week when I asked him how school was, it almost seemed like he was trying to find an excuse for not having a good time.  Looks like he ran out of ideas!

Sneaking in a quick photo of Lego time at home. He's been building some really neat things!
And both boys are back with built-in swim sessions in school.  How did Graham's swim cap get so small after 1 summer!?
Charlie's new one of course was a bit big so now both of them can just share the cap and the googles.  Haiiiiya!!!
Charlie has quite the moves.  Maybe we'll have to patent them :-)

Charlie did some drawing this past week.  These are too funny!  The first one is of  me and Charlie.  To my right, we are holding a water bottle together.  And to my left, I'm holding a smoothie - the big one for me and the little one (which you can barely see in the corner) is for Graham and himself.
And this pictures is my new favorite!  Family portrait by Charlie Pridgen:
 LOL!!! I look like an alien! This will be an exciting year at school for sure!!!

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