Monday, September 5, 2016

Recent happenings

Weirdly, there seems to be a lot of photos recently about Charlie.  Am I neglecting Graham??? Hmm...

Well Charlie has been very busy with his new bag of golf tees lately.  This surely screams out OCD to me!
He's obviously very proud about it :-)
And then he would mess it all up and do something else like this.  He says it's a carwash:
Graham decided to mess it all up and after the boys divvied up the cars and golf tees, Charlie was right back at it with his organization!
Where as Graham... Ha ha! Just too funny:
Here's some other of Charlie's handiwork lately.  Some Lego building:
He drew this in class last week.  The one to the left is Daddy and the one to the right is Mommy. Ha Ha!
Oh, Graham did contribute to some organization.  But why is it that there has to be so much paper and cutting involved???!  And it had to be on the floor too!
I'm sure there will be more to post on Graham once his Home Learning Menu starts back up at school!

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