Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trip to Sabah: Day 5

The day finally came for the boys to go to the beach.  I had mentioned it to them for a while now - being back in my hometown of Kota Kinabalu and catching little crabs on the beach.  But first, time for some homework for Graham.  You can see his enthusiasm... Ha!
But first, lunch with my uncle and his family:
Finally at the beach and Graham has already found a stick!
Not exactly sure why that dredger is there.  Hmmm....
Here's the local clubhouse that I played at as a kid.  It has changed quite a bit.  It was nice to see a couple of familiar faces though - still the same receptionist in the office and the same lifeguard!
Wish Daddy were here!!!
The boys are investigating the crabs on the sand.  These little crabs make these tiny balls of sand and hide in holes that they dig up in the sand:
Charlie found a hermit crab:
Looks like Graham is going to do some dredging of his own with a piece of driftwood:
No Chinooks here like in Abu Dhabi, but I did spot a couple of V-22 Osprey.  These choppers can land and take-off vertically.  Too cool!
Graham being a little adventurous in the ocean.  Thank goodness he didn't get stung by any jelly fish!
Ok, let's catch some crabs!
Charlie got side-tracked and decided to draw in the sand instead.  Here he is explaining what he has drawn:
He also found some shells:
Charlie and his OCD trait... everything needs some sort of organization!
Graham, on the other hand just likes to dig:
And he's really proud of it!
Time to wash up before going into the pool.  The boys are obviously having too much fun with the water and the hose!
After the pool, we are back at the beach!  Graham and Charlie just can't get enough of the sand:
Graham "holding" a little island :-)
Gosh, I do miss the beach and the sunsets here:
We do need to come back to KK more often for these.  Sure makes me miss "home"!

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