Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First week of school

The boys are back in school this week.  And yes, the same school for both boys. Makes drop-off and pick-up a lot easier!
Graham was definitely excited to go back. Charlie on the other hand, I think he was excited until it was actually time to go into his classroom.  He probably did have a lot of fun though because he was completely out when we got home!
And this was an early 1pm finish for Charlie. Hopefully he will survive the 2:30pm finish starting next week!

By the way, some random photos of the past week or so:

The boys have been playing a little bit of badminton - in spirit of the Olympics.  Unfortunately, Malaysia lost out to China in both the men's single and doubles for Gold! It was very exciting - sort of like the games we have at home here :-)  It's so hot outside that we play indoors, in the master bedroom!
Speaking of hot, Graham and Charlie got to spend one more afternoon at the waterpark before school reopened.  The lifeguards were filing up water into these latex gloves.
The boys obviously amused by it!

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