Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Home"-ward bound for Sabah, Malaysia - Day 1

We are finally making a trip back to my hometown of Kota Kinabalu - located on the island of Borneo.  I have only realized as the trip approached that I haven't seen my dad in 3 years.  Charlie was only about 13 months when we were there and not even walking yet. Here is Charlie with my dad back then in September 2013. Look how chubby Charlie was then!
Well, here are the boys saying goodbye to their daddy at the airport.  Unfortunately, Bobby could not join us on our trip.  It was tough on Bobby to say good bye and who knew, it was actually very emotional for me too!
The boys are a pro at flying now, especially Graham.  Thank goodness for the upgrade!
And who knew a squiggly straw would keep Charlie occupied for so long!
Graham and Charlie got to visit the captain of our flight at the end of the almost 8-hr flight.  Graham is so lucky being able to sit in the pilot's seat!
Obviously having lots of fun!
As we arrived in Kuala Lumpur really late, we opted to stay overnight at the airport hotel.  Quick chat with Daddy before bedtime:
Oh wait... too hungry at 1am to go to bed.  So, Char Kuey Teow (stir-fried flat noodles) for Momma:
And french fries for the boys.  In front of the TV, of course:
The next morning, after a nice long sleep we head out to the airport terminal to find some (very late) breakfast.  These boys couldn't be more different - Red bean and Kaya buns for Charlie:
And plain egg noodle soup with chicken for Graham:
Phone call from Daddy!  The boys struggled a little trying to figure where to talk and where to put the cellphone to the ear, but they finally got it:
Here are some quotes from Charlie to Daddy that I won't forget:
"Daddy, if you want to call us, just call us, okay????"
"Daddy, if you want to come and see us, just take 2 airplanes to see us, okay???"
How funny is that!

Breakfast all done! Charlie liked his pau/buns so much that he wanted another to go.  Photo op to pose in front of the Malaysian flag.  I think Charlie is still holding his pau in his one hand while showing his muscle with the other hand. Ha!
Time to check out from our hotel room and catch our plane to Kota Kinabalu.  It's a 2 1/2 hour flight so should be easy breezy for these boys.  Nice to finally have Graham strong enough to drag Charlie around on the hand-carry bag :-)
How is it the boys find McDonalds every where we go. Nuggets for Graham and corn for Charlie:
Thank goodness for technology to keep these boys quiet and well behaved!
We finally made it! Selamat Datang or Welcome!
As it's dinner time when we arrive, my dad takes us straight to my aunt's dumpling restaurant.  Charlie is adventurous with the prawn:
Graham barely eats any dumplings but is happy with 2 mugs of iced Milo (chocolate malt drink).
Looks like it will be quite a challenge to get Graham to eat anything during this 10-day trip!
To be continued...

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