Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trip to Sabah, M'sia: Day 2 & 3

The adventure in my hometown of Kota Kinabalu continues.  We are staying with my dad in his 3-bedroom apartment.  It's not very big but just cozy enough for everyone.  For the boys, I don't think it really matters.  As long as they have their TV!
Good morning selfie with coffee in a beer mug! Dad in the background :-)
Off to breakfast! I'm glad the boys don't complain about holding hands with their Grandpa/Lau Ye and also their Yi Lau Lau, like a Grandaunt but not related in any way.
Breakfast at my aunt's noodle shop!  We call her Er Gu (2nd Aunt) or Er Gu Lau Lau (2nd Grandaunt) to the boys. What better way to start the morning with ice milo!
After breakfast, we're off to the supermarket.  I actually bumped into a high-school friend by the entrance. She now lives in Japan and was home visiting as well. Such a small world!

Looks like Charlie is already warming up to Yi Lau Lau!
When we get home, it starts to rain.  Charlie loves looking at the rain.  He was actually trying to touch it. Good thing no one fell over the window. Although I did drop his swim pants down the window while trying to slap off all the fuzz which had accumulated from a bad mix of towels with clothes and swimwear.
See what I mean??!! Yes, it was a yellow towel.  Grrr.... Rookie mistake!
Brought a couple little things for the boys to play while at Lau Ye's place. Souvenirs from the boys to Lau Ye :-)
We can't seem to leave home for any trip without the Leap Pad or the tablet.  These boys are almost always glued to these things! Charlie throws quite the tantrum when we have to "peel" him off it:
 Dinner at home.  I'm glad Dr Meng/Yi Lau Lau is around to take care of my dad now.
The boys were amused by the whole fish being served on the table.  After dinner was a local fruit called Tarap, which I just researched and found out that it's in the mulberry and fig family. Who knew!
The next day, a cousin of mine gets married (registered) and is hosting a lunch.  No ice milo here and Graham is not interested one bit in the food.  He keeps himself busy with a knock-off Transformer toy car.
At least Charlie is digging into the fruits:
We go home after lunch and take a nap.  Did I mention how humid it is here in Malaysia??? A constant sweat it seems, which makes me so tired all the time! We're off to another wedding appointment tonight.  Funny enough, this couple that are hosting the dinner actually live in Dubai now but both their parents reside in Kota Kinabalu. Again, small world!

On the way to the wedding, I notice the Hard Rock Cafe Kota Kinabalu.  When did we get one of those?  2012 it seems. And there's also a Nando's restaurant. There's one here too in Abu Dhabi!
Oh wait, Graham didn't nap so he decides to do so on the way to the wedding dinner:
I didn't buy any new shoes for the wedding so I have a black dress on with my Sketchers pumps and a built-in sock tan line :-)
We're checking out the scenery across the street from the hotel, right off the waterfront area. You can see a few islands in the distance.  And there's this massive bungalow to the left on the other side of the waterfront. I think it's located within the golf club area near by. I do miss being so close to the islands!
Looks like it's an 8-course meal dinner and we're a bit early.  Photo op!
Working on our origami skills while we wait for the bride and groom to arrive. So glad I had a hotel notepad handy in my purse!
There were two other older twin boys sitting at our table.  Graham and Charlie obviously liked playing with them.  Good thing we were situated in the corner of the ballroom:
And thank goodness for a pack of Plasticine (more clay-ish compared to Playdoh) while we're waiting for the last few plates of dinner to be served. And the chopsticks came in handy too!
I can't remember what Graham made now.  A cat? Cute nonetheless :-)
Quite a busy first couple of days back in Malaysia!

Oh! Forgot to share a funny video of Charlie.  He really enjoyed the music at the wedding as he was happily dancing to it while on his seat.  Too funny!!!

To be continued...

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