Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trip to Sabah - Day 4: Lots of activities!

We did so much during our time back in Kota Kinabalu (KK).  I took the boys to this street named Gaya street in town.  Every Sunday, the street is lined up with vendors of all sorts. We didn't get there until around 10am. It was so busy!
These vendors sell from fruits and food to souvenirs and live animals. The boys loved the see the live fishes as usual:
Thumbs up from Charlie!
Time for lunch.  Another outdoor restaurant, which we generally just call Kopi Tiam.  Kopi for coffee and Tiam for shop in a Cantonese (a Chinese dialect).
Graham and Charlie discovered that the ice cubes in their milo are shaped with little holes in between them. So once they are almost done with their drink, they stick the straw through the ice cube and let it melt to "make more milo".  I guess it sort of makes sense???
Later that day... playtime at the park!
I think the boys really miss being outdoors.  This park was actually quite nice!
The water feature probably needed a little upgrade. And it's too bad the kids couldn't play in it either:
Thankfully there were lots of other things to keep the boys occupied:
I had to join in on a couple of them too:
Including... BUBBLES!!! 
A friend's sister sells these bubble mixture and wands so we got our personal ones:
These wands make such big bubbles!
The 2-handle rope ones are a little bit more tricky:
Who is SOOOOO sweaty!!!  Thankfully for Charlie's new favorite sports drink!
So great to catch up with old high-school friends:
On the way home (oh yes, I was brave enough to drive again in KK - a manual-transmission truck with the steering wheel on the right side), I spot Mt. Kinabalu in the distance.  It's too bad this was the only time during our entire trip the mountain was in view. At 4,095m or 13,435ft, it's the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia.
As if it wasn't enough for the day, we cleaned up and headed to my uncle's place for dinner.  Looks like someone is not going to make it:
Nope! Charlie was completely passed out from start to finish and he didn't even wake up when I plopped him into bed that night. HA HA!
Homemade noodles. YUMMMY!!!  Here are my cousins taking care of things in the kitchen:
We even got a thumbs up from Graham!
Needless to say, I had more than one bowl ;-)
The adventure continues...

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